Validas Tool Qualification Services

Validas offers services for the following tool qualification activities:

Our services range from doing the complete work until a coaching or review for our clients and conform to the main safety standards like ISO 26262, IEC 61508, EN 50128 and DO-178C / DO-330 (TQL-4).

We guide the Eclipse foundation towards tool qualification (see Eclipse). We are organizing a series of tool qualification symposia (2013, 2014).

Tool Chain Analysis: Classification of Tools in Tool Chains

The tool chain analysis defines a given tool chain by defining its tools, use-cases, features and artifacts that connect the tools. An analysis model allows tools determine the required confidence in the tools.

Tool chain analyis provides the following benefits:

Validas has analyzed and classified several tool chains.

Validas classifies the tools in the INCHRON Tool Suite together with interested users to identify the relevant features for tool qualification.

Construction of Tool Qualification Kits

A tool qualification kit shows that the tool has the required confidence. Using qualified tools in a tool chain reduces the effort for detecting errors in tools and improves the development quality.

We construct model-based qualification kits that offer a high degree of flexibility for the integration into different tool chains. Refining the tool chain analysis model allows to qualify only the critical features and errors of the tools. The Validas qualification kits contain the following elements:

We cooperate with tool providers and TÜV during the construction of qualification kits. Our services include coaching, building of qualification kits, validation and construction of test cases.

Validas has significantly contributed in the development of qualification kits for many tool users and tool providers, including:

Application of Tool Qualification Kits

The application of tool qualification kits increases the confidence into the qualified tool. The results are a tool qualification report that contains the tools errors with mitigation proposals for the mitigation (detection/prevention) of the found errors and a tool safety manual. This allows to use the tool in a well-defined and confident way.

During the application of the qualification kit we create the following documents:

Validas has qualified several tools like code generators, test tools and compilers for many diferent tool users.

Tool Chain Analyzer

For the above service we often use a model-based approach that provides high flexibility, reusability and systematic processes. Furthermore the tool generates the required tool qualification documents.

The free version of tool can be found in TCA.